Money Talks – February 13, 2016

This week on “Money Talks,” Certified Public Accountant Dan DiLuzio joins Matt Hames, CTFA, and Troy Harmon, CFA, CVA, to discuss the week’s market movements, December’s international and wholesale trade, as well as interest rates and what an inverted yield curve may mean for the economy. They also cover how earnings season is panning out for the S&P as a whole. In this week’s case study, Dan DiLuzio, C.P.A., helps the hosts delve into S-Corps, looking at how profits are taxed, how owners should pay themselves, and how distributions can create a tax savings. The experts also answer listeners’ questions on energy infrastructure company Kinder Morgan, what a family needs to know about the Nanny Tax, and Barclay’s Capital High Yield Bond ETF.