Case Study: A Concentrated Position Can Be Detrimental to Your Portfolio

Principal Jennifer Thomas, CFP®, and Managing Associate K.C. Smith, CFP®, join Chief Investment Officer Troy Harmon, CFA, CVA, to discuss investors who hold on to a concentrated stock position because they don’t want to pay taxes on the gains. They look at General Electric as a current example, and how a concentrated position can be detrimental to your overall portfolio.

Case Study: Even Married Couples Need to Discuss Power of Attorney

This week, Managing Associate Shawna Theriault, CPA, CFP®, CDFA®, joins Chief Financial Officer Troy Harmon, CFA, CVA, and Research Analyst Nick Antonucci, CVA, to share some advice for families when it comes to planning for incapacity, whether it be for aging parents who can no longer take care of themselves, or an accident that leaves you unable to make financial or health decisions for yourself.