Money Talks – October 13, 2018

This week on “Money Talks,” it was an all research show as Chief Investment Officer Troy Harmon, CFA, CVA, is joined by fellow Research Analysts Nick Antonucci, CVA, and Jacob Keen, to discuss September’s employment situation, the Producer Price Index and the Consumer Price Index.  The analysts discuss some investing basics for those looking to begin investing and grow their wealth. The guys round out the show by answering listeners’ questions on the undercurrent of negative market expectations from financial industry professionals, mutual fund class shares, and food delivery service GrubHub.

Money Talks – October 6, 2018

This week on “Money Talks,” Chief Investment Officer Troy Harmon, CFA, CVA, is joined by Managing Associate Shawna Theriault, C.P.A., CFP®, CDFA®, and Associate Peter Lynch to discuss the move in interest rates, the ISM Manufacturing Index and the ISM Services Index.  Peter and Shawna discuss a common problem many families can have: lack of liquidity in an estate. They discuss ways to get liquidity and how planning is essential to pass assets and property to heirs. The experts also answer listeners’ questions on stock dilution, financial mistakes, and working while receiving Social Security benefits.