Money Talks – March 16, 2019

This week on “Money Talks,” Chief Investment Officer Troy Harmon, CFA, CVA, is joined by Managing Associates D.J. Barker, CWS®, and Shawna Theriault, CPA, CFP®, CDFA®, to talk about the week’s market movements and the yield curve as the two-year and five-year Treasury yields inverted. Shawna and D.J. team up to discuss cost basis and how important it is to keep good records, so you can substantiate your gains or losses at tax time. The experts address several listeners’ questions, including providing our opinions on Boeing, what you can do to improve your 2018 taxes, and whether or not you should loan your child money for a home down payment.

Money Talks – March 9, 2019

This week on “Money Talks,” Managing Associate K.C. Smith, CFP®, CEPA, and Associate Michael Griffin, CFP®, join Chief Investment Officer Troy Harmon, CFA, CVA to discuss the Manufacturing and Nonmanufacturing Indices, the Beige Book and jobless claims. K.C. and Michael discuss how some seniors who no longer itemize deductions after tax reform may be able to take advantage of qualified charitable distributions to lower their taxes. The experts also answer listeners’ questions on Procter & Gamble, financial issues before marriage, and using health savings accounts while on Medicare.