Money Talks – November 16, 2014

This week on “Money Talks” Dr. Gene, Bil Lako, CFP® and Teddy Parrish, CFA are back to discuss the market’s movements, what they expect for Black Friday sales, and earnings from Wal-mart. The experts also answer listeners’ questions on Allete, Inc., Gilead Sciences, Sketchers and Activision Blizzard. They also address withdrawing your 401(k), commission charges, caring for a dependent parent and tax loss selling.

Q&A Time: Kid-Friendly Stocks, Tax Withholding on 401(k) Withdrawals and Dependent Care Credit

The “Money Talks” hosts answer listeners’ stock questions on Allete, Gilead Sciences, Skechers and Activision Blizzard. They also provide information on tax consequences to a listener who wants to leave their job and take their 401(k) assets, and address a question on management fees, commission charges and the Dependent Care Credit.