Website For Fund Shareholders

ALPS Fund Services Inc. offers an Investor’s Portfolio website where you will be able to:

  • Verify your balance
  • Verify the number of shares in your account
  • Check the current value of your account
  • Check the accruals (if applicable)
  • Receive the latest Net Asset Value

This site is available to all shareholders whose assets are in custody directly with The Henssler Equity Fund. All other clients can access their respective information through their custodian (Schwab, Fidelity, etc.)

Existing Investor’s Portfolio Site Accounts: If you have previously set up your account and would like to visit the Investor’s Portfolio site, please click the link below.

Access My Account

New Shareholders/Investor’s Portfolio Site Accounts: Click the link above to access the Investor Portfolio site. Select the “Create Password” option in the table of contents. The resulting form will enable you to create an account for the Investor Portfolio site. If you need assistance, you may contact ALPS directly at 1-800-936-FUND (3863).