Imagine an integrated team of experts in various disciplines including asset allocation and selection, financial planning, tax consulting and preparation, and estate planning and wealth transfer, collaborating on your accounts to ensure that all elements of your wealth work in concert to accomplish your financial goals. At Henssler Financial, our Wealth Management program allows you to do just that.

Clarity, Preparedness and Peace of Mind

Important financial decisions need to consider your unique needs and situation. We can provide:

  • Clarity:

    We start by asking the right questions to fully understand your situation. We clarify your priorities so the plan we build is custom to your needs.

  • Preparedness:

    We prepare a comprehensive plan with the flexibility to weather any future changes. We accommodate the various—and sometimes competing—aspects of your life and strategize to make those parts work together.

  • Peace of Mind:

    You will have peace of mind in knowing that your wealth is diligently monitored, and your plan is adjusted and updated as changes happen—no matter where they come from.

Although our clients have assets in various places such as their home and belongings, retirement plans, brokerage accounts, real estate, and in their small businesses, our team of experts pulls it all together into one efficient solution.

Program includes:

  • Tax Planning and Preparation

  • Financial Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • Money Management

  • Retirement Planning

  • Philanthropic Planning

  • Portfolio Analysis

  • Insurance Planning

  • Education Savings Analysis

With comprehensive planning, we can help guard and protect your assets, providing a solid foundation for managing those inevitable changes.


Everyone joins Henssler at a different place in their journey. Whether planning to start a family, selling a business, losing a loved one or approaching retirement, Henssler is ever vigilant in preparing you for whatever journey life has in store.

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